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Acceptance process

Overall flow of hiring non-skilled personnel

1. Application Apply from the inquiry form.
2. Hearing We will hear about your company’s on-site work and recruiting conditions.
3. Creating a job vacancies We will conduct hearings and create a job vacancies that meet your company’s conditions and job seeker conditions.
Candidate recruitment
1. Posting job vacancies We will recruit workers in partnership with sending organizations such as Myanmar and Vietnam.
We are recruiting from the candidate list of our company and partner companies.
2. Hearing of candidates We will hear about the current situation, reasons for changing jobs, reasons for aspiration, etc.
Contact 1. Interview selection meeting We will hold an interview selection meeting. After the completion, we will prepare an employment condition and conclude a contract with the agreement of the accepting company, the candidate, and our company. With the presence of an interpreter, we will discuss employment conditions with the candidate and decide whether or not to hire them.
1. Immigration procedure or visa switching procedure
2. Implementation of advance guidance for foreign human resources
3. Implementation of life orientation for foreign human resources
4. Accepting foreign human resources A series of work
・ Pick-up at airports and stations ・ Support for procedures at government offices ・ Opening bank accounts, support for mobile phone contract procedures, etc.
Assigned to the host company and attended the first time

Preparation items until acceptance

<Preparations on the Japanese side>

1. Application for acceptance of specific skills
2. Preparation of documents to be submitted regarding procedures for accepting specific skills

Acceptance costs for foreign workers

<Feeling of the cost of accepting foreign workers>
When accepting foreign workers, there are expenses such as application for status of residence and management fees.

・ Cost
1. Recruitment costs
Costs vary depending on the number of people, nationality, and response method. Please contact us individually.

2. Visa application fee / status of residence application fee
About 100,000 yen

3. Registration support agency agency fee
20,000 yen a month

* Monthly management details, labor, education for foreign workers, etc. Consultation: Based on the support consignment contract with the institution to which the specified skill belongs, we will respond appropriately according to the working style of the foreigner with the specified skill.
・ Implementation of life orientation for non-skilled human resources
・ Emergency response

4. Supported languages
English / Burmese / Vietnamese
Interpretation after work is 5,000 yen per half day