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Specific skill

1. What is the specified skill system?

This is a new status of residence for foreign workers introduced in April 2019.
The ban on employment of foreigners has been lifted in 14 industries where the shortage of human resources is becoming more serious.

Unlike the conventional technical intern training system,
・ It is possible to secure a labor force that can be used immediately.
・ It is possible to hire serious foreign workers
・ It is also possible to have people work continuously for 5 years or more.
・ Family can be accompanied by adoption in the specified skill No. 2.

For companies suffering from a shortage of human resources, it is possible to hire “workers who can work together for a long time”.

In the technical intern training system,
Although it was established for the purpose of “skill acquisition”,
In the case of “Specified Skills System”
We can accept foreigners who have a certain level of expertise and skills and are ready to work,
especially in industries where the shortage of human resources is becoming more serious.

2. 14 industries of the specified skill system

Construction industry
Accommodation business
Fishing industry
Industrial machinery manufacturing industry
Shipbuilding and ship industry
Food and drink manufacturing industry
Electrical and electronic information related industries
Car maintenance industry
Building cleaning
Restaurant business
Aviation industry
Raw material industry

3. Type of status of residence for specific skills

Specific skill No.1

No.1 is a status of residence for foreigners with a certain level of knowledge and experience in a specific industrial field.
You can immediately become a force.
The total period of stay in Japan is 5 years, and family members are not allowed.
As a national policy, there is a measure to increase the status of residence of specific skills, but due to the border measures of the new coronavirus, foreigners currently residing in Japan as technical intern trainees are now,It can now be used as one of the career plans after the training.

Specific skill No.2

Basically, it is the status of residence prepared as the next career plan for those who have completed the first specific skill.
Until 2021Only two fields, the construction industry and shipbuilding, were able to obtain the status of residence of No.2.
In 2022,In almost all industrial fields Specific skill No.1 → No.2 Can be changed to.

By becoming No.2
・ Family can be accompanied
・ Almost unlimited work is possible
It will be easier to secure workers who will work for a long time.

4. Differences between specific skills and technical intern trainees

The technical intern training system was established for the purpose of “international contribution” and “skill transfer to developing countries”.
Therefore, the purpose is not as a “worker” but to teach your company’s skills to trainees, and you are not allowed to work as a worker.
With specific skills, foreigners can be employed as “workers”, so it is possible to hire human resources who are ready to work and work in a wide range of fields.

If you want to hire workers who work together for a long time, use the “Specified Skills System”
You can hire and develop human resources.