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About the sending country

GoBit has a track record of introducing foreign workers in Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Nepal, and has been accepted by each company.

Among them, Myanmar is the sending country where GoBit has alliances with the local community such as education and pre-working support.

Why are the Myanmar people so good?

1. High level of education and speed of improving Japanese
2. Low salary level
3. Buddhist and serious national character

There are three major reasons.

1. High level of education

The literacy rate is over 70%, and most people have basic reading, writing, calculation, and education.
Also, as for the language situation, Japanese grammar and Burmese grammar are the same, so it is an environment where it is easy to improve the language.

Myanmar has the second largest number of Japanese language schools after English schools.

2. Low salary level

In 2021, the poverty rate was predicted to be 48% due to the effects of the new coronavirus and changes in the situation.

The average income in Myanmar is about 20,000 yen in Japanese yen, so an increasing number of young people want to work in Japan and send money to their parents.

On the other hand, in Vietnam, which is currently the largest sending country, the domestic salary level is rising, so excellent young people will find employment in Vietnam.

In the case of Myanmar, the salary level of the whole country is still low, so there are many young people who work abroad as workers with excellent human resources.

3. Buddhist and sincerity national character

90% of the population are devout Buddhists and tend to value the teachings of their parents, bosses and older people.
Also, being the same Buddhist as the Japanese have similar values, delicacy and politeness in their work.

Myanmar people’s personality and characteristics

1. A person who has taken root in Buddhist culture and cherishes the teachings of the elderly and parents

We pray every morning and every night without fail, and we value the words and teachings of our superiors.

Since I have a heart to take good care of my family and the people around me, there are few troubles in relationships and many people have a gentle personality.

2. Diligence and sincerity

In education in Myanmar, the education of “following the instructions of superiors” and “respecting the elderly” has been emphasized. Therefore, there are many people who can do what they are told to do steadily and do it accurately and correctly.

3. A large donation country with a strong volunteer spirit

Myanmar is a major donor country, and according to the 2019 survey results, it is the second largest donor country after the United States. In addition, about 80% of Myanmar people have donated or volunteered in the last month. We have the spirit of helping people to the extent that donations and service activities are actively carried out, such as nursing care volunteers and financial support for the poor.