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4 services provided by GoBit

1. Introduction of foreign workers mainly in Southeast Asia

Currently, we are introducing human resources in partnership with a partner company in Myanmar.
We provide consistent support from staffing to employment, such as switching from technical intern training to specific activities and specific skill visas.
We also have an interpreter in Burmese, so we are perparing an environment where it is easy for workers to consult.
In addition to Myanmar, we also introduce Vietnamese, Indonesian, etc. according to the wishes of our customers.

2. Foreign recruitment / education consulting

After accepting foreigners, we will support you to work more smoothly on site and increase your productivity. We not only hire workers by hiring human resources, but also create an environment where employees and workers can work comfortably through post-employment education and on-site improvement.

3. Support for accepting foreigners

We provide support such as administrative procedures and interpretation necessary for accepting foreigners with specific skills. We also provide consulting services such as training and subsidies for companies that are new to accepting foreigners and companies that have some problems.

4. Development and sales of a system specializing in recruitment

At GoBit, we have been involved in the development of systems specializing in human resources introduction, and provide matching services for excellent foreign human resources with partner companies. In addition, for companies engaged in the temporary staffing business, we will provide system development and operation services tailored to the business.