Think Globally , Act Locally.



executive chairman

1983 Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Broadcasting
   Broadcast marketing, broadcasting law, journalism theory major
   Joined Video Promotions Co., Ltd. in 1983 Production Department → International Department
   CM / marketing manager for major home appliances and beverages
   Sales representative for broadcasting of large-scale sports events in the United States
1992 Established, and appointed representative of Ozone Network Co., Ltd.
2000 Established Ozone Net Co., Ltd. (holding company) and assumed office as representative
2009 Appointed as an officer and special advisor of S-Pool Co., Ltd. (TSE1: 2471)
2009 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Promotion Council,
   Digital Broadcasting Promotion Business Management
2011 Mamezou Holdings Group, Inc. (TSE1: 3756)
   Appointed as an officer / special advisor of Nextscape Co., Ltd.
2014 Research on modern Japanese history and art history at Nihon University College of Art Graduate School Laboratory
2018 Toshin Co., Ltd. Appointed as Special Advisor and Audit & Supervisory Board Member
2019-JM Toshin Corporation Co., Ltd Established CEO
2021-Appointed Chairman of GoBit Co., Ltd.
2022-Executive director of Toshin Co., Ltd.

TunTun Oo

・ Myanmar language interpreter ・ Translation ・ Document application ・ Contact and consultation with candidates
・ International Department General Manager

1988 Entered the Faculty of Physics, University of Yangon
1991 Entered Kobe Sannomiya Japanese Language School
1995 Worked in the restaurant business in the Tokyo area
2003 Entered UK Tech University Mechanical Engineering Diploma
   In charge of interpretation and translation at Myanmar Himalayan Co., Ltd. in 2004
2007 JICA local comprehensive support staff
2012 Sampha Co., Ltd. (Cruise Coordination Manager)
2019- present Established JM Toshin Corporation Co., Ltd. General Manager of International Affairs Department
2021 ~ present GoBit Co., Ltd.

We provide support such as document preparation and living support so that Myanmar people who desire specific skills can work smoothly. Even in the unfamiliar Japanese culture, we will give guidance so that workers can become ready to work in the company. We also support interpretation and translation so that communication between workers and companies can be successful.


・ Myanmar candidate sales / interpretation / translation / contact and consultation with candidates

2002 Graduated from Faculty of Law, Yangon Correspondence University
2006 Nagoya University Research Student (Graduate School of International Languages ​​and Culture)
2010 Graduated from Nagoya University Graduate School (Graduate School of International Development, Department of International Cooperation)
   In charge of local tour guides and interpreters at Attract Co., Ltd. in 2010
2013- Present Established MM Biz Co., Ltd Interprets for government agencies such as ODA
2021~ JM Toshin Corporation Co., Ltd.
2021- GoBit Co., Ltd.

We introduce the work of companies to Myanmar people who desire specific skills. We are working to prevent troubles after work by communicating Japanese work and work contents in an easy-to-understand manner.
We also provide support for troubles during work in Japan, translation / interpretation, and support for workers to work smoothly.

Moeko Mori

・ Public relations / IT staff

2015 Graduated from Faculty of Human and Social Studies, Japan Women’s University
2015 Worked at Home Logistics Co., Ltd
2017 In charge of marketing director at Catch the Web Asia SDN. BHD. (Malaysia corporation) in 2017
2020 In charge of public relations and marketing of Andaman Eight Co., Ltd.
2021 ~ JM Toshin Corporation Co., Ltd
2021 ~ GoBit Co., Ltd.

We are engaged in the management and operation of in-house systems so that in-house staff can engage in business smoothly,and public relations and marketing to introduce candidates who meet their wishes to Japanese companies.